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Hi there!

I love playing the cello. I have a visceral joy when I make sound with it, and music has framed my life and connected me with the most fascinating people.

I have been teaching all kinds of people, young and old, at all stages of cello development, from first position to thumb position in Austin TX since 2011. I am excited to work with anyone wanting to learn, and I typically help bolster a student's love for music, achivement, and the cello.

I'm not going to lie to you--Playing the cello is very difficult, and it is important to get a teacher to get you "set-up" correctly, with good proper technique, but with one who doesn't drain the joy out of the cello, making sure it is "proper". Music is meant to thrill, and I hope to help you find the visceral joy I have for playing. That being said, technique should be part of every cello student's lesson and practice routine. An early adjustment will pay off in the end in so many ways!

My lessons consist of 1.Scales 2.Technique 3.Music. It is good to practice this way, to solve goals simultaneously, and each student gets a lesson sheet that describes their assignment and should be the centerpiece guiding their practice. Often some parts of lessons are recorded, or videos are sent to help remind or as practice tools.

My home studio has openings, and I am typically teaching at my home in NE Austin Sundays with a few lessons on Saturdays and daytime/early afternoons throughout the week.

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